You’ll never forget, nor should you.


That day, when you got your results back. That night, when you heard the news. That day, when your boss let you know. That night, when you found out. Those times, when everything was happening for you.

That feeling of complete invincibility.

When its soaring through your veins, replacing your blood with dreams and excitement. Opening the vales of endless bounties. The world is beneath you, and not even Icarus could reach these heights. Here you are, in all your worth, glory and with every being of your existence, you feel like you belong here. You’re meant to.

It’s meant to be.

The air is now fresh and you can feel the pulse of your life coursing through the currents around you. It is simply, electric. That buzz, is the definition of how your life should be. So welcome. Welcome, to where it all happens for you. And for as long as you want it, it always will be.

That unreal emotion of conquer; remember it. Hold on to it. Cherish it. Be thankful for it. Look back on the work you did to get here – it will magnify this invincibility tenfold. Because its deserved. And only by you. Those before you will show you the way from hereon in. Those that come after you, will give you chance to guide them to this promised land.

And from hereon in, you will only need to build on and improve and rise even higher.
Higher than Icarus even dreamed of. Higher than the sun could ever reach.


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