Look around; what do you see? – On the way to Bolivia 

The captain wants to thank me for choosing the Copa airlines and requests that I continue to enjoy the flight (after warning us of some light turbulence).
I’m sitting in this seat. And it’s comfortable enough – actually, it’s incredible that it can even be this comfortable. And there’s windows around me, there’s people that can walk down the aisle. There are several, several TVs hanging from the ceiling. And you take a moment to put things in perspective. I’m like, in a REALLY nice bus. And they’re bringing me food. And drinks. And this really nice bus, is jetting across the skies at hundreds (I don’t know how fast this thing is going) of miles an hour. But I feel like I’m not moving. 


People are sitting here like it’s normal; doing crossword puzzles and watching the Simpsons on their tablet. I’m literally flying through the air in this metal bird built like a really nice bus on the inside. And I got my kosher meal before everyone else. Don’t tell me there are no such thing as miracles. 

So yes, captain, I will continue to enjoy this flight. It’s beyond incredible. That I’m higher than the clouds that I stare up at on a daily basis. Fabi ayi a’laaee rabbi ku ma tu kazziban. 
If you can’t appreciate the plethora of magnificent things that take place around you on a daily basis – then the very essence of your being, your soul, needs replenishing. 


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