Lessons of truth in comedy from Bill Burr

I showed up late. Missed the opening act. And the first couple minutes of my favourite comedian in the world. You make exceptions for the things you love. JFL42 had come to Toronto and I was going for the first time. As soon as I saw the listing for the headliners, I knew who I was going to go see. This would be my second time seeing Bill Burr perform. I had paid $20 for a ticket to watch him at the Oddball comedy festival in Detroit last year. This time around, it was nearly $90, taxes included. A little steep but I was going to go.

I had balcony seats in the Sony Center but I wasn’t nearly as far as I was at the DTE in Detroit. I could clearly see the balded ginger surrounded by JFL42 logos in a triangular fashion. I found my seat (with some difficulty in the dark theatre) and was ready to be taken by a hurricane of edgy comedy. Before I knew it, I was throwing myself around in my seat, joke after joke. The performance blew my f**king mind.

When you have a liking to a certain figure, you will almost always find them entertaining and enjoy their material thoroughly. Its like being in love. When you love someone, their quirks can be outrageously cute and endearing. When you hate them, those same habits or traits will make you say “what is wrong with him/her?!”

And so as I watch, who I believe is the best story telling comedian (the Eminem of stand-up) in the world today, I realize that the things he’s talking about are high ranking world issues. And doing it in great satirical fashion. Wage gaps between men and women, the Jordan of evil – Hitler and the lack of “respect” Stalin gets, how to treat in relationships, the media, presidential races, etc. I mean, he has hitting all the monster topics, saying the things no one says or the masses are blinded to and absolutely killing the punch lines. And those who were screaming out of, as well.
Bill Burr is certainly from the school of George Carlin; speaking about issues that matter, not giving a damn about whether you like it or not (well, I mean its good stuff and done well so he does care) and just letting you have it raw. The women behind me were often going “what?! omg?! is he serious?!” when he was making his usual satirical misogynist jokes. But they had no choice but to bellow out in laughter when he plowed through the ultimately timed rants.

And before I knew it, I was standing in applause, after having my jaw and abs worked out for an hour and a half. Ticketmaster app is downloaded. Going again as soon as he’s near by. Curtains closed.


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